Kimitec will be present at Fruit Attraction 2021

With a slew of new products and novelties that we can't wait to share with you in our bright and stylish stand.

As you already know, Kimitec is all about innovation and offering unique solutions that move us closer to our ultimate goal: driving the change towards a more natural agronomic model free of synthetic chemicals.


And our latest product, INVIERNA, is the perfect example. A unique solution on the market that will be presented at the fair. Invierna is a budding synchronizer, more effective than any other natural or chemical alternative. And its big day is just around the corner!


You will also be introduced to our Artificial Intelligence platform, which has come directly from the minds of our incredible team. This technology, befitting of the finest science fiction novel, will assist us in shedding some light on all of the natural resources that are still unknown to us

thanks to an algorithm capable of reducing the margin of error in our research activities as well as our research time frames. We will obtain a wealth of information and unparalleled productivity as a result of a research method that is presently unique in the industry.


And last but not least, we will talk about our strategic agreements with large producers, aka MAAVi Labs, aimed at researching and developing customized solutions for the main agronomic challenges facing current agriculture. Primaflor, Frutas Bollo, Única Group, GS España, Peregrín and the Government of El Salvador already have their own MAAVI Lab. Because together we are stronger.

Because together we are stronger.


As you can see, we can barely wait for this new edition of the Fruit Attraction 2021. Come visit us at our stand, we have so much to talk about!

Let’s keep building the change!