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cabecera LINNA

For years, we have been anticipating the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy, and the prohibition of synthetic chemicals in food production, in the absence of natural alternatives to meet the needs of a growing global population, which will reach 10,000 million people in 2050.

We advocate for a fast transition to a healthy food chain system that benefits both people and the environment, providing growers with natural solutions that are as effective as synthetic chemistry without increasing costs.

The need to find alternatives to synthetic chemistry forces us to use cutting-edge technology, allowing us to increase the productivity of our R&D team and boost our competitiveness in a fast-paced and demanding industry.

We have more than 15 years of experience with nature, from which we obtain plant extracts, microorganisms, and microalgae through a careful selection of raw materials that adhere to strict quality controls. We call it Natural lntelligence (NI).

But we go a step further. Man only knows 1% of nature; our is to decode the remaining 99%.As a result, we combined our expertise in natural compounds with Artificial lntelligence (Al) to create LINNA®, a unique technological platform in the sector that will help us accelerate our model.

Through our platform LINNA®,artificial intelligence can help us accumulate the 15 years of expertise we have acquired in natural molecules and compounds, which will expedite research and improve project outcomes.

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Introducing LINNA®

An Artificial Intelligence platform that will help us:

  • Reach previously unattainable levels of knowledge quickly and accurately.
  • Accelerate research processes.
  • Minimize the margin of error.
  • We retain knowledge indefinetely
2030 Target: 3-5 million natural compound screening with over 95% prediction accuracy.

With LINNA® and our 360 Open lnnovation strategy, we will reach our goal, We hope to become the natural alternative to more than 70 years, maintaining efficacy and competitiveness while minimizing their negative impact.

LINNA® is taking its first steps in the field of agriculture, but it will soon expand to other areas, such as nutrition, livestock farming, aquaculture, and cosmetics.